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BurgerFi Mentor – Restaurant Opening

Corey and I recently had the opportunity to help a friend out with the grand opening of their new restaurant, BurgerFi, in our home town of Mentor Ohio. Basically, since they are a franchise, they had a set marketing budget for their opening. We were pretty surprised at how small it was, never having dealt with a franchise before. It basically covered a series of radio advertisements and newspaper advertising.

We decided to see what we could do with a Facebook page and see what results we could get. We started on Tuesday, July 23rd with a friend of the owners creating the initial page for them, but they only had a couple of likes. Corey set a goal of 300 likes before they opened. With a combination of properly worded Facebook posts, emails and contacting friends and family, we passed the 300 mark on the 26th, still 4 days before the opening. Now we threw in an event notification as well as posting of pics and more requests.

By Saturday, July 27th, we passed the 500 mark and showed no signs of slowing down. Some more pics and posts and Sunday ended with over 600. Monday was the Friends and Family invitation only evening. We added some signage inside with QR codes to the Facebook page and before they officially opened, as you can see below we hit 791.

791 Likes before they opened.
791 Likes before they opened.

So we finally get to opening day. While we can’t take full credit for it, there was a line waiting at the door at 11am when they opened up, and from last report, the only time that they slowed was close to 11pm when they started shutting down.  And as I write this, we are quickly closing in on 1000 likes.  Not bad for being open 1 day!  And looking at other locations on Facebook, we have climbed to #5, passing 14 locations that have been open for some time.

So what else?  We also designed a quick customer info form that was handed out to a lot of people as they came into the restaurant.  So we are building an email marketing and text marketing list.  Focusing on local small business marketing programs, we hope to keep the momentum.

So for now, we have spent a total of $0 and have almost 1000 likes on Facebook and close to 250 email addresses and text phone #’s.  We will keep the customers informed about the reasons that they should come back again, and encourage them to bring along their friends and family.

We will also start pushing for reviews on various review sites like Yelp and Google+ helping them to increase their visibility online and give social proof as to why they are a great restaurant.

If you are a small business that wants some help in building up your business, be sure to check us out.  While we cant promise this kind of results, we have many more tools in our toolbox than we were able to use on this project.  And if you are interested in some of the other things we are doing, follow BurgerFi Mentor on Facebook by clicking here –> BurgerFi Mentor

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