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Having fun with your marketing calendar

You have to do marketing, so why not have some fun by tying into a specific time or event. By doing a little brainstorming, you can create a number of low or no cost ways to get people to your business.

Just some quick ideas;
We are now in the spring season so you could always use “spring cleaning” to get rid of some old inventory?

How about tying into a local event? My son’s high school is performing Phantom of the Opera, a local retailer, could tie in and do a black and white sale with a discount for a ticket stub?

How about “we pay the sales tax” on Tax Freedom Day (it hasn’t been announced this year, but last year was April 9th). By the way, in the UK, it is May 30th!

Lacey's Birthday Photo
Lacey celebrating her birthday!

This month is my dogs birthday and for my candle company, I have a special promotion with a discount and a donation to the rescue shelter that she came from. Could you do store anniversary, employee birthday, etc?

How about celebrity birthdays? Marilyn Monroe’s is on June 1. I can just picture an impersonator and a photo op. Radio spots could have a voice impersonator and so on.

How about National Magic Day on October 31st? A magician’s card trick reveals the discount or something like that.

If you open up your mind, you can see how you can make your marketing campaigns a fun way to get people into your business. And if they are having fun, they will be happier and more likely to spend some of their money with you!

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