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Marketing Ideas for October, November and December 2011

Sweetest Day – Oct 15th – Why not have a display of special gifts just for this? Rose candles, chocolates, cards, etc. This may be more of a regional holiday, but why not start in your area?

Halloween – Oct. 31st – This is the 3rd biggest party night in the country, behind New Years and Super Bowl. Could you hand out candy to anyone that comes in costume, or get your mall to host a trick or treat event. It doesn’t even need to be that day. For those of you that are normally all tourists, this might be a way to bring in the locals and show them what you are all about.

How about a guess the weight of the pumpkin or # of candy corn candies in a large jar? This would be a great way to get email addresses of customers and build your list. Just remember to get permission to contact them.

Thanksgiving – Nov 24th – While this isn’t necessarily a big spending day, it definitely leads to the next one;

Black Friday – Nov 25th – I definitely wouldn’t recommend the huge price cuts that the big box stores are doing, but could you offer free gift wrapping, or something that is popular around here is let a local charity come in and do gift wrapping for donations. This gets you extra labor for free, gives you something to advertise and promote the charity, and gives your customers something extra. This would work for the rest of the holiday season, especially on weekends or evenings. Maybe even use this to boost things on the less busy evenings.

Christmas – Dec 25th – Obviously this for retail, this is a big time of year. Could you do photos with Santa day, dress employees like Santa’s helpers (I am sure they would love that). And on the non-commercial side, how about company support of soup kitchens? This would be a great way to get some free PR. Just let the paper/news know at least a couple of weeks in advance.

If you have an online store, can you update the backgrounds, icons, etc to take advantage of any of these holidays?  Also, use some of these ideas to target your email campaigns.  Many of the email companies have pre-made templates for holidays.

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