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How to get new customers

Getting potential new customers to “see” or “find” your business is one of the three keys to growing your business. Every business will lose a certain percentage of their regular customers every year due to people moving, businesses closing, etc.  So bring a consistent flow of new customers through the doors is vital.

At Local Media Marketing, we consider this the “Before” stage of the customer life cycle.  This is where the customer needs to find you.  There are a wide variety of things that can be done to help these potential customers find you either at the bricks and mortar level, or on the online level.

If you do have a physical location that has some amount of potential traffic driving by, you will want to be sure to get adequate signage displayed and be sure that it is clear what you do.  A large sign showing your business name of DAR is not going to help anyone stop in out of the blue.  A large sign saying “Discount Auto Repair, No appointment necessary” would actually mean something to someone that doesn’t already know you.

Another offline way to get found is through direct mail campaigns.  With the current state of the post office, there are many great programs to get your mailings delivered to the right people.  This can range from a very targeted direct mail piece going only to a very specific audience, all the way to blanket mailings using the new EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail system.  While one costs less than the other per piece, to decide which is right for you, takes some testing and will really depend on the product or service that you are selling.

Getting you found online, has as many, if not more options than offline.  If you have a website, and we believe that everyone should at least have a basic website, it will do you know good if no one ever sees it.  To get it found, there are things like search engine optimization, content marketing, video referrals, pay per click advertising, affiliate marketing, banner ad networks and many others.

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of online listing sites where you business profile can be completed? These can be simple local directories, phone book directories, social media site profiles, business site profiles and many others.  Each one can have a bit of information about your business and most have a link back to your website.

While this might seem like a confusing mess and be way more time than you have to get it all done, Local Media Marketing is here for you.  We can be your go to guys to get all of these things done on a regular basis.  From updating online directories, to helping create and deliver creative direct marketing pieces, we will work to set up a program within your budget, allowing you to find new customers week in and week out, month after month.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you develop your new customer acquisition strategy and help you implement it month after month.

Your customer acquisition and retention specialists.

The stages of a customer

Corey & Jim have been great to work with on creating videos that will generate business for me. People will get to know me before I even meet them, and that will create a greater relationship.

Chris Hallum

Local Media Marketing is like having your own Marketing Department at your company but one heck of a lot cheaper. Corey & Jim are always working on my Web Site and Social Media, changing things, updating things.

Glenn Burkey

I love working with Local Media Marketing, they are so easy to work with, meeting all of our needs and doing the hard work for us so we can grow our business and focus on our customers.

Sarah Kramer Chilia