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Is your marketing “All In”?

Is your marketing “All In”?

Everyone has something going on in their mind all the time. How are you going to stand out and get noticed? From the time someone wakes up until they close their eyes at night, they are bombarded with marketing messages. Current research is saying up to 5,000 a day. How are you going to make…

How to get a referrals for your business

How to get a referrals for your business

Getting referrals from your customers If your business is looking for more business, referrals are a great way to get it and there are a number of different ways to get your happy customers to give you referrals. Ask and you shall received Asking is the first way but not always the easiest for some…

What is the purpose of your small business website?

What is the purpose of your small business website?

Be an informational resource and show off your work and prove that you are a “real” business? Be your administrative assistant and answer questions and book appointments? Be your 24/7 salesperson and convince someone to call you or buy online? Be your advertising medium and have people find you online? Each of these is a…

Small service business marketing – quit being in stealth mode

Are you running your service business in stealth mode? Many small businesses feel that they will do fine with word of mouth advertising.  “I do a great job so everyone will tell their friends and family about me” is a common belief. Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is your job as the…

How do you say “Thank You”?

Marketing your business is not all about sending offers to your prospects and clients.  At least once a year it is a good idea to send your clients a note to say thank you and let them know you appreciate them. As a repair shop, I used to send a thank you letter to most…

Website design – Willoughby Lawyer Susan Seacrist

We recently completed a new website design for Susan Seacrist at www.seacristlaw.com This website design was actually redesign and update of an existing website.  Susan had relocated and changed the structure of her firm so she approached Local Media Marketing with to help her with this new website design. This website design includes social media…

Creative Marketing – Thinking outside of the box

As a student of marketing, one of the experts that I follow had a photo with him in his kayak and a caption saying “You can’t think outside of the box, when you are working in one!”.  This got me thinking about this. Many of us have our places at work where we do our…

Entering “Referral Zone” marketing

If you or one of your employees is speaking with a happy client, and they are raving about what you did for them, you have just entered the “Referral Zone” .  This is that perfect time to ask them if they know anyone that could benefit from using your shop.  But the trick is, don’t…

Business Video for Chamber

At Local Media Marketing, we believe that belonging to a chamber of commerce can be a great way to build networks and grow your business.  We recently have been working on a series of videos for the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce.  Business videos are a great way for your prospects to get…

Mine your database of existing customers!

Wouldn’t you agree that it is much easier to sell to an existing client than to find a new client? We have found this to be true, time and time again. Don’t lose focus on your past clients; if you have done a good job for them in the past, they will want to do…

Your customer acquisition and retention specialists.

The stages of a customer

Corey & Jim have been great to work with on creating videos that will generate business for me. People will get to know me before I even meet them, and that will create a greater relationship.

Chris Hallum

Local Media Marketing is like having your own Marketing Department at your company but one heck of a lot cheaper. Corey & Jim are always working on my Web Site and Social Media, changing things, updating things.

Glenn Burkey

I love working with Local Media Marketing, they are so easy to work with, meeting all of our needs and doing the hard work for us so we can grow our business and focus on our customers.

Sarah Kramer Chilia