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Marketing Programs

Marketing is one of those things that as a business owner, you know you need to do, but really developing one takes time and that is something that most small businesses,  just don’t have.  That is where Local Media Marketing comes in.  We let you work in your business doing the things that you do best, while we work on your business to bring you more of your ideal clients.

We do this by getting to know your business inside and out.  When we first start up, we will spend quite a bit of time just talking with you to see what things you really want out of your business and the customers that you want to come in your business and then create a marketing program around that.  An example of this would be a photographer.  You have the option of doing weddings or senior pictures.  Most photographers are in the position that the need to take any business that walks in the door.  But which would you rather do, spend your weekends working with bridezilla or be able to schedule all your appointments during the day at your studio?  With the right marketing program, you can focus on the kind of work you want to do and be able to say no to the things you don’t want, or better yet, refer them to someone else and get paid for the referral.

Because marketing programs take time to develop, Local Media Marketing works on a monthly retainer basis allowing you to improve your business over time without a huge upfront cost or the hassle of hiring an employee that you then need to manage, pay benefits and all the other headaches that can bring.

Our marketing programs are based on a budget that you can afford and can involve any or all of our services, from Website Design and Social Media Management to printed newsletters and direct mail.  We have numerous online ways to get your business found by the search engines and sources for all sorts of printed materials and some really unique mailing options.

Be sure to talk to us before you start your next marketing program by calling 440-299-8400.

Your customer acquisition and retention specialists.

The stages of a customer

Corey & Jim have been great to work with on creating videos that will generate business for me. People will get to know me before I even meet them, and that will create a greater relationship.

Chris Hallum

Local Media Marketing is like having your own Marketing Department at your company but one heck of a lot cheaper. Corey & Jim are always working on my Web Site and Social Media, changing things, updating things.

Glenn Burkey

I love working with Local Media Marketing, they are so easy to work with, meeting all of our needs and doing the hard work for us so we can grow our business and focus on our customers.

Sarah Kramer Chilia