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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing has a number of parts including;

  • Mobile capable website
  • SMS or Text messaging
  • Mobile Advertising

Mobile capable websites can come in two varieties.  Either a fully dedicated mobile site, or what we recommend which is a responsive website.  A responsive website, looks at the type of device that is view the site and adjusts the site accordingly.  This allows the greatest number of users to use the site effectively and efficiently.  Nothing is worse than visiting a site that forces you to greatly enlarge the text and then scroll back and forth to read it.

SMS or Text messaging is using a program to send text or picture messages directly to your prospects or clients phones.  This can be used for a wide variety of things including reminder messages, coupons, thank you messages and even as a way to get information back from customer, quickly and conveniently.  The best example of this is for an auto repair shop.  They have the customers vehicle up on the lift and pulled apart and they need a quick approval for an additional service.  If they try to call, they may get voice mail, or screened by the gatekeeper.  With a simple text, they can ask their question and get a response, usually almost immediately, saving the repair shop time and money by allowing them to free up the lift, or not having to put the car back together to wait for a response.

Mobile Advertising is creating paid ads through a variety of service so that they appear specifically on mobile devices.  This is great for restaurants,  repair shops, towing services and any other companies where a large number of the searches come from mobile devices.

Local Media Marketing can help you by creating a mobile marketing plan that compliments your business, allows you to contact your customers via their mobile phones with text messaging services.

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